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    Tax is a funny old thing…

    And not funny 'haha', more funny 'huh? what?'

    Pretty much everyone has to pay it, but no matter where you go in the world it seems to be unnecessarily complex. Which got us thinking…

    By 2021, Andy and Stuart, Tax Natives' founding fathers, had more than two decades of experience in working in professional services. Both highly experienced in tax and trust funds, they identified a gap in the market - the need to regularly and quickly access a reliable network of tax professionals on a global scale.

    So, armed with an international network of firms and individual advisers that they trust, they put together a team of exceptional sherpa tax guides and gave other professional advisers, individuals, and businesses access to them.

    Ladies and gentlemen, may we present your Tax Natives.

    Tax Natives now operate in the most popular tax jurisdictions around the globe, and even in the ones that you haven't heard of yet. Whether you're looking to invest abroad, retire to a different country or set up a savings account in a different country than where you live, our tax natives have the answers.

    And we couldn't be prouder.


    To provide expert local tax knowledge on a worldwide scale

    Tax Natives is an international tax network that connects taxpayer clients with qualified and regulated tax advisers, from one jurisdiction to another. But we'll let Andy explain - he's good at this stuff.


    Andy Wood

    Founder & Director

    Andy joined the bar in 2019 after learning his 'trade' in large, international accountancy firms including the Big 4.

    Over a decade ago (2011 to be precise), hoping that some of the magic dust from these entrepreneurial clients had rubbed off on him, he established his own tax advisery business.

    His clients, as well as the aforementioned entrepreneurs, also include high-net-worth individuals, sports persons and entertainers and private companies.

    He decided to establish Tax Natives due to his first hand experience of regularly having to quickly find reliable and knowledgeable tax advisers around the globe to assist his clients.

    He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (“STEP”).

    Having grown up in Castleford, West Yorkshire, Andy has rugby league in his DNA. He is also a Yorkshire cricket fan and long-suffering Everton supporter.

    His guitar playing ambition exceeds his proficiency.


    Stuart Stobie

    Founder & Director

    I have worked in the trust and fiduciary business industry for the last 25 years, starting my career in Hong Kong with Grant Thornton before joining Sovereign with responsibility for business development in Asia and latterly being made Managing Director before moving to Gibraltar. After a couple of years as Managing Director of Sovereign’s Gibraltar office, I moved to Zurich to join Coutts Bank working as a private banker for their Asia desk before returning to the UK to work for a venture capital company. I re-joined Sovereign in early 2018 working from the Wirral office with responsibility for business development in the North primarily focussed on corporate and trust work. I am a member of STEP and my varied career in the financial and fiduciary industry enables me to engage on a diverse number of issues and find solutions for my clients and introducers.

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