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    1. Malta Transfer Pricing Rules published

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      Malta has recently published legislation that implements Transfer Pricing Rules into Malta’s tax code (“TP Rules”).

      From when will the TP rules apply?

      The TP Rules apply to transactions entered into on or after 1st January 2024 as well as pre-existing ones if they are materially altered on or after that date.

      Where will the TP rules apply?

      The TP Rules will apply when calculating a company’s tax base derived from “cross-border arrangement” between “associated enterprises”. They will apply where associated enterprises have more than 75% (directly or indirectly) of participating rights.

      This is reduced to 50% where the entity is a Multi-National Enterprise (“MNE”).

      SMEs and MNEs

      SMEs, as defined in the State Aid Rules, do not fall under these rules.

      The term “MNE group”, as used in these Rules, refers to a multinational enterprise (or other entity) whose tax residence(ies) or permanent establishment(s), within and outside of Malta, exceeds 75 million Euro per year.

      Cross-border transactions

      The TP Rules don’t apply to cross-border transactions with an aggregate arm’s length value of €6m and €20m revenue and capital respectively.

      The TP Rules will apply to cross-border transactions and arrangements taking place between:

      • a resident and a non-resident company; an
      • a resident company having a permanent establishment situated outside Malta and a non-resident company dealing with a PE in Malta of another non-resident company to which the transactions are effectively connected in ascertaining the total income of the company.

      The TP Rules provide for a deeming provision that, where the actual amount differs from an arm’s-length amount under cross-border arrangements, the latter figure shall be used in ascertaining total income instead of the former.

      Next steps?

      It is anticipated that more detailed guidance will be issued in due course.

      Amongst other things, it is expected that this will include reference to the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines.

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