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    1. Malta’s Tax Benefits for Investment Services and Insurance Expatriates

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      Malta’s new tax benefits for expatriates – Introduction

      Malta, a strategic hub within the European Union, continues to attract highly skilled professionals from around the world.

      On June 19th, the Commissioner for Revenue unveiled new guidelines under Article 6 of the Income Tax Act, aimed at providing compelling tax benefits to “investment services and insurance expatriates.”

      The goal is to bolster these sectors, which have experienced substantial growth since Malta’s EU accession in 2004, by enticing top-tier talent to contribute their expertise.

      Who Qualifies?

      For those looking to make a significant impact in Malta’s investment services or insurance sectors, the criteria are well-defined.

      An ‘Investment Services Expatriate’ is someone employed by or providing services to a company holding an investment services license or recognized by the relevant competent authority.

      This includes activities like management, administration, safekeeping, and investment advice to collective investment schemes.

      Similarly, an ‘Insurance Expatriate’ works for an entity authorized under the Insurance Business Act, an insurance manager under the Insurance Distribution Act, or engaged in the business of insurance broking.

      To be eligible, these expatriates must not be ordinarily resident or domiciled in Malta, nor have resided there for a minimum of three years preceding their employment or service provision in Malta.

      The Generous Benefits

      Qualifying Investment Services or Insurance Expatriates will enjoy a range of exemptions, which makes this opportunity even more attractive.

      The tax benefits cover personal expenses paid by the employing company, such as removal costs, accommodation expenses in Malta, travel costs for the expatriate and immediate family, provision of a car in Malta, medical expenses, medical insurance, and school fees for children.

      These benefits, which are typically taxed as fringe benefits, are exempt from taxation for a remarkable period of ten years, starting from the first taxable year in Malta.

      Additionally, these expatriates will be treated as not resident in Malta for specific income tax purposes, leading to exemptions on various types of income, including interest, royalties, profits from transfers of units in collective investment schemes, shares, securities, and more. These benefits remain in effect throughout the duration of the individual’s employment as an Investment Services or Insurance Expatriate.

      It’s essential to note that individuals who qualify for these tax benefits cannot simultaneously benefit from Malta’s Highly Qualified Persons Rules. The two registration options are mutually exclusive.

      Malta’s new tax benefits for expatriates – Conclusion

      Malta’s progressive tax benefits for Investment Services and Insurance Expatriates paint an attractive landscape for skilled professionals seeking a dynamic and rewarding career within these thriving sectors.

      The generous exemptions, combined with Malta’s strategic position in the EU, make this opportunity a compelling proposition for those looking to make a significant impact while enjoying a supportive environment

      If you have any queries regarding this article on Malta’s new tax benefits for expatriates or Malta tax in general, then please get in touch.

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