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    1. HMRC JPUT a cat among the pigeons

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      On 31 January, HMRC changed its guidance on unauthorised unit trusts, including Jersey Property Unit Trusts (JPUTs).

      This new guidance has perhaps put a cat among the pigeons.

      Original guidance

      Previously, HMRC advised that neither authorised nor unauthorised unit trusts needed to be registered on HMRC’s trust register unless the unit trust became liable to certain UK tax liabilities.

      Updated guidance for JPUTs

      However, the guidance for unauthorised unit trusts has now changed, meaning that JPUTs may need to be registered even if they don’t have a liability to UK tax.

      JPUTs will need to be registered if they acquire UK land directly or intend to do so since 6 October 2020.

      There are only two situations in which a JPUT may need to be registered: when it becomes liable for UK tax or when it acquires UK land after 6 October 2020.

      If a JPUT is required to be registered, the relevant information, including contact details for each trustee and unit holder, will need to be compiled and submitted via HMRC’s online system.


      The change in HMRC’s guidance means that many more JPUTs will be required to be registered on HMRC’s trust register.

      Trustees and advisers should urgently check whether they have any trusts which should now be registered, and ensure they comply with the registration requirements.

      Although HMRC is currently adopting a light-touch approach to penalties, trustees and advisers should not rely on this and should ensure they comply with the registration requirements.

      If you have any queries relating to JPUT or tax matters more generally, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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